2019 Artists

40 Artists have been selected for the 2019 Sculpture Trail @ Raveningham. See below for examples of their work and links to websites. The images are not necessarily of works that will be included in this years trail as all of the artists are responding to the site and creating site specific pieces.

Adam Grace

Adams Connie

Amsden Meg

Baker Barnaby

Ball Nick

Barrett – Nobbs James

Barrington Farm Artists

Baxter Christine

Boudicca’s Women

Brumby Ruth

Burgh Castle Almanac

Cannell Sarah

Challis Mike

Clifford Rebecca

Community Nest

Davidson Kally

Dyball Sarah

Ford Tobias

Goldsworthy Mark

Groom Beth

Harling Challis Pamela

Harries Rob

Antonia Hockton

Jarrett Andy

Lazell Janette

Leech Christine

Morgan Kim

Newman Verity

Nicholds Viv

Pratt Nicholas

Richmond Ruth

Senior Gordon

Siemmond Meryem

Spray Fern

Springwood Bee

Turner Simon

Wicks Gill

Wiltshire Peter

Winstone Laura

Worrall Stephen